Top Tips for Stain Treatments on Carpet or Upholstery

coffee-spillThe biggest thing we see when we attend stain jobs is the customer has tried treating the stain with all sorts of DIY concoctions. While you think you are doing the best thing not everything you read on the internet works or it may only work on a certain type of carpet.

So before you reach for the vinegar and baking soda and end up with an even bigger mess that becomes un-treatable the best thing you can do is blot up the excess with a paper towel then use a damp cloth and blot up some more.

Tip #1

Our number one tip from us on any stain is to use our World Famous Spot remover – its not world famous for no reason….. see some of our testimonials;

I cannot recommend Chemdry Northlands spot can enough. I think you may know who spilt beetroot all over the carpet but there’s no need to worry!! ~ Darelle

I LOVE my spot cleaner!! Butter chicken disaster cleaned up like “magic” according to Miss 6. ~ Darelle

This spot cleaner is amazing and a life saver! With 3 kiddies spilling stuff and also animals, it’s amazing how well this makes spills and even mud marks disappear. ~ Kaella

Tip #2

If you don’t have a can of our spot remover you should get one!! But you can use plain soda water as this is what our cleaning product is based on – the power of carbonation – the bubbles will go into the carpet and lift the spilt substance up from the fibres.

Tip #3

If you spill paint Act fast right after it happens, once it dries it is very difficult to remove. It all depends on what kind of paint you’re using. If it’s water-based, simply blot the stain with a wet paper towel. Do NOT scrub the stain! Oil based paint is extremely difficult to remove once dry so act super fast so cleaning up as much as possible while its still wet is best then if you need professional treatment keep it damp with a wet towel until this can be done.

Tip #4

Red Wine – Research shows that a glass of red wine a day can be good for your heart; common sense says that a spilled glass of red wine is bad for your carpet. Before the wine has a chance to dry, you need to blot the stain with a clean white cloth. Make sure to alternate what part of the cloth you’re using so you’re always blotting the stain with a fresh surface. Pour a small amount of water onto the stain and continue blotting it. The water will help dilute the wine, making it easier to blot. Add more water as necessary and continue this process until you’ve gotten as much of the stain out as possible then follow up with our spot remover and you should have removed the stain!

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