Meet Rover – Our Flood Restoration & Carpet-Drying Specialist

Flooding in Australia

Across the country, flooding has been an unavoidable part of life for decades. It’s Australia’s irregular climate that produces a natural, year-round cycle of draught and flooding. These floods have the potential to be dangerous and devastating to people, their homes and entire industries.

In less serious cases, floods can be a nuisance. Aside from wreaking havoc on your wood floors, carpets, and furniture, the smell left behind from water and mould can be awful. Either way, professional flood restoration is often needed to preserve flooded carpets and rugs.

flooded living room

Unfortunately, nothing can be done to stop a flood. But what we can do is improve our ability to prepare for and manage these floods. At Chem-Dry, we’re proud to play a small part in flood recovery for Australians.

Flood Restoration & Recovery

Any amount of water damage to your carpets and rugs is not good, and is sure to get worse over time. But with a quick response, you can greatly reduce the damage and even fully restore your soaked carpet and rugs. Standard housecleaning products and equipment will not be able to do the job. Even if it seems you can restore your carpets and rugs DIY-style, serious contamination is at play and likely needs professional servicing.

That’s where Rover comes in. Rover is like no other – it’s our carpet cleaning roaming robot specially designed for water extraction. And every single one of our Supercity Chem-Dry technicians carry one.

Extracting as much water as possible during the initial visit is critical, both to prevent mould and odour, but also to minimize the time and cost of drying equipment such as fans and dehumidifiers required to meet our high standards. Thankfully, the Rover doesn’t need all that extra equipment. The rover is extremely thirsty and feeds off of your damp floors and carpets!

the flood restoration Rover

We’ve noticed some other flood restoration companies relying on a menial carpet cleaning wand for water extraction. Our rigorous testing has revealed that this is NOT the most effective method for removing moisture from your carpets and rugs.

Here’s How Rover Works

Rover uses the weight of the Chem-Dry technician standing on its base while roving your carpets and rugs. This heavy pressure helps to push all the water out of your carpets. Then we’ll have our heavy-duty truck-mounted suction unit parked outside, attached to the Rover. The suction produced from our trucks is far superior, and is able to extract far more water than the portable flood pumps used by some companies.

At Supercity Chem-Dry, we hope it never happens to you, but if your home or business falls victim to a flood, give us a call at 0800 145 145. Acting fast is so critical. Your fast action could mean the difference between fully restoring your carpets and rugs, or a terrible, long lasting odour.

See Rover in Action

We’re also happy to provide a free estimate for your carpet and rug restoration. Just drop us a message or give us a call, and we’ll wheel out Rover to do what no others can!

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