Storm Season Brings Flood Season – Get Clean and Dry Quickly

We’re entering into the fall and winter season and as we all know, with the change in seasons comes a greater chance of storms and flood events. We recently experienced a short, yet punchy storm and our flood cleanup and restoration crews were in high alert coming to the aid of a great many customers. Our teams are available 24/7 to assist with any flooding or water events that are a result of a burst pipe, leaky roof or one of our world renowned tropical storms.

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Be proactive for flood preparedness

We wrote an article recently on several ways that you can dramatically prevent the chance of your house flooding during a storm or through routine maintenance. Here is a quick run-down of the precautions.

  1. Take note of how water behaves around your home. Does it pool in certain areas? Does it flow away from your foundation?
  2. Properly maintain and clean your gutters and downspouts
  3. Ensure that your backflow water valves are working properly
  4. Protect any electrical panels from water pipes in close proximity
  5. Raise any outdoor equipment like AC or HVAC systems above ground on platforms
  6. Reseal older doorways and windows with new sealant or weather stripping
  7. Consider updating windows or window covering like shutters, shades or higher quality doors

Those are just a few proactive ideas that will help you keep the outside weather outside, where it belongs!

Storm season is coming – Check your perimeter drain

We know that the storm season is just starting. It’s a fact of living in this beautiful, unique country. We’re an island and are susceptible to some very severe storms throughout the season. Take care of your homes and be sure to complete all of your pre-winter checks on the house.

One very important precaution to check is #1 in the list above. Does the water flow ‘away’ from your home. Check around the perimeter of your house and see if there are any areas that aren’t graded properly. Do you have plants or garden beds right up to the foundation? This isn’t a great idea as it traps water and holds it against the foundation. Concrete is a porous compound and over time, standing water can seep through concrete and can cause serious damage. Consider an updated perimeter drain or at least have yours checked out. Quite often the membrane that stops dirt from contaminating the drain rock rots away and the drain system can become damaged or heavily compromised. Gently dig down to the perimeter drain and examine what every system your locality has deemed to code.

Water spout valve

Be safe and be vigilant. Remember that we’re also in a water restriction to please do your part and limit unnecessary water use. We’re all doing our part.



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