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15 Awful Stains We Clean from Carpets, Rugs and Furniture or Upholstery

The carpet, rugs, and furniture in your home or office all get a ton of use, so it’s expected that they will become dirty or stained over time too. Not to worry though, Chem-Dry has your back when it comes to cleaning even the toughest stains. See below for some of the most awful & horrible stains that Chem-Dry can quickly clean from your rugs, carpets, or furniture/upholstery.

Coffee or Dark Tea

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Many like to enjoy a nice cup of coffee or tea during the day, but a nice dark coffee or dark tea can also leave quite a stain if not dealt with properly.


Red Wine

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After a long day (powered by coffee), unwinding with a glass of red wine is common. However, spill some red wine on your carpet or furniture and you’ll need some professional cleaning services!



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Whether it’s from playing outside, gardening, or something else, we all know how hard grass stains can be to completely clean. Whether the grass stains are on your clothes, or you’ve accidentally brought grass inside and stained your carpet or furniture, these stains can be quite resistant.


Urine or Poo

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Having a newborn child around the house and/or pets like a dog or cat can bring a ton of joy into the home. However, if not yet properly potty trained, you can find yourself having to clean-up some urine or poo very quickly! You have enough on your plate… leave the dirty work to Chem-Dry!

Water Damage

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Mother nature has a way of sneaking-up on us. When it comes to water damage to your carpet floors and/or furniture from something like a flood, this type of restoration requires a professional.


Makeup / Lipstick

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Anyone who owns makeup also knows how hard it is to get makeup or lipstick stains off. From the carpet to furniture and more, having the right cleaning material and equipment will go a long way.


Tomato Sauce / Wattie’s

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Pasta, pizza, soup, Wattie’s… The list of red sauces in the food we consume goes on and on, so it’s not uncommon to see red sauce stains on carpets or furniture etc.


Paint or Crayons

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Flexing our creative side with some painting or coloring can be great for the soul, but not so much for your carpet or furniture if stains occur.



girl eating chocolate with fridge open

Who hasn’t binged on some chocolate on the couch in the living/family room. Many of us have! Hey, chocolate is good for your health too, right? Those of us who have binged on chocolate before, however, may also have experience with getting chocolate stains on the couch or living room carpet too.


Chewing Gum

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This is one of the worst stains one can find on a home’s carpet or furniture because it’s not just a stain, but a sticky mess as well. Getting chewing gum out of your carpet or furniture is very hard, but not impossible with the right material and technique.



dog running through a puddle

Whether it comes in from our shoes, pets, or something else, mud is a common stain found on carpets and home furniture. Because mud can dry up and accumulate over time, giving your carpet and furniture a good deep clean from time to time is always a good idea. Unless you have a house that is made out of mud


Fruit Juice

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Delicious fruit juice like orange juice, apple juice, cranberry juice and many others are commonly found inside home fridges. Fruit juices are even more popular now with the juicing crave catching on, so it shouldn’t be surprising to hear that stains from juices are also super common and on the rise too.



black pen ink

Although not as common as it once was, ink is still used widely. In fact, some say the ballpoint pen changed handwriting. Ink stains can be one of the hardest stains to clean.


Peanut Butter

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Don’t think that peanut butter can stain your furniture or carpets? You thought wrong! This is another type of stain that is both gross looking and sticky to get cleaned. Peanut butter is so delicious though!



blood stain on hand

Although many are freaked out by blood, a blood stain on the carpet or furniture shouldn’t be of too much concern with the right professional cleaning services like those offered by Chem-Dry!


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There are a variety of stain types that we see as cleaning professionals here at Chem-Dry, and we know how to tackle each one of them properly in order to bring your home or office carpet, rugs, and furniture/upholstery back to new. Find your local Chem-Dry today to discuss your cleaning needs with a rep near you right away!

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