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Flood & Water Restoration

Offering a 24/7 Emergency Flood Response Service, our experienced professionally trained team will extract the water quickly, move furniture, dry carpets, flooring, walls and ceilings using our industrial air movers and de-humidification equipment, and if needed, will arrange to re-stretch and lay your newly dried carpet, finishing with a deep clean and sanitisation.

Being New Zealand's largest carpet cleaning and flood restoration company means that we respond to all major weather events around the country, have the latest industrial drying equipment and when our full warehouses of equipment aren't enough, we have access to the Chem-Dry Mobile Emergency Response truck, filled to the brim with even more cleaning and drying equipment. Whether you've had a small leak or your property is knee deep in water, Chem-Dry have the expertise, technicians and industrial grade equipment to deal to the problem fast.

Find out for yourself why we are so many insurance companies preferred flood restoration provider.

The process

Moving your furniture to unaffected areas or offsite storage if needed
Extracting any excess water from affected areas
Drying carpets using our high quality industrial air movers and de-humidification equipment
Re-structure your carpet and re-lay your newly dried carpet if needed
Finish with a deep clean and sanitisation

When it floods

Time is critical when dealing with flooded carpets. As soon as a flood occurs in your home, contact Chem-Dry to have your carpets and upholstery professionally dried, and if needed, we will arrange to re-stretch and re-lay your newly dried carpet, finishing with a deep clean and sanitisation. Even the smallest amount of water sitting in your carpet can cause mould growth underneath the carpet and possibly even structural damage to the hardwood or subfloor.

A fast response to your emergency

Our Flood Response service is available 24/7 for emergency carpet cleaning and restoration situations. We will work quickly to restore your carpets from removing excess water and drying carpets, to lifting and re-laying your carpet.

Safe set of hands

We are licensed and insured to take care of any of your insurance work. All of our flood teams have been trained and are IICRC Certified. It is a stressful time when your house has been flooded so having trained technicians with the correct equipment to quickly extract any moisture and deal with insurance companies on your behalf, can make all the difference in returning a sense of normality and order to your home.