Frequently Asked Questions

  • Chem-Dry's primary cleaner is made with ingredients copied from nature, that's why we call it 'The Natural'. Free from any soaps, harsh chemicals, detergents or phosphates. The FDA (Food & Drug Administration) in America has our 'The Natural' product on their GRAS (Generally Recognised as Safe).

  • No, Chem-Dry is not a steam cleaner. Chem-Dry is a uniquely and patented carbonation process (microscopic bubbles) to bring dirt to the surface to be easily cleaned away. This means that we do not need to use as much water cleaning your carpet or upholstery as other cleaners would, resulting in a faster dry time, less damage as floors and furniture aren't left sodden and less risk of mould or dirt build up from waterlogging.

  • Drying time depends on humidity levels, airflow to the cleaned areas and the type of carpet or upholstery, In general, turning on your air conditioning or fans will help accelerate dry times. After a Chem-Dry professional cleaning, it typically takes a few hours, not days, for the carpet to dry. Sometimes carpets can take longer to dry for various reasons.

  • Yes. Because of Chem-Dry's unique carbonating process, the low moisture content and non-use of surfactants, degreasers, soaps, detergents and sulphates in our aptly named cleaning product The NaturalⓇ, we can safely clean and care for your wool carpets.

  • Yes. Typical steam and/or shampoo cleaning utilises a process of forcing large amounts of soapy water into your carpets and then trying to suck it all back out. The heavy amount of water these machines use results in an extended drying time, usually 1-2 days, this method can cause carpets and the underlay beneath to rot or grow mould.

  • Traditional steam and/or shampoo cleaning saturates your carpet with an excessive amount of water filled with soaps and detergents. So you're left with wet carpets for 1-2 days which creates a breeding ground for mould, mildew and bacteria. Plus, the soapy residue left behind attracts dirt and causes your carpets to get dirty much faster.

    Chem-Dry's process is different. We employ millions of microscopic bubbles to lift dirt up from deep in your carpet fibres, which is why we only need to use a fraction of the water that typical carpet cleaning use. After this carbonation releases and lifts the dirt, our high-powered equipment extracts the dirt and moisture from the carpet.

    You can see a full comparison of Chem-Dry vs. steam cleaning by visiting this page.

  • Chem-Dry recommends a professional clean every 6 to 12 months for most carpets. Regular cleaning will prevent staining, preserve your carpet’s appearance, and remove destructive dirt and grime. At the same time, it can help improve indoor air quality by removing non-living allergens from the fibres.

  • Carpets and upholstery often come with factory-applied protectants that help resist stains and soiling. This protectant layer wears off over time as you move across these surfaces e.g. vacuum etc. Reapplying a protectant can help resist stains and extend the life of your carpet and upholstery.

  • Pet odours can linger for months if not treated properly. As urine dries in the carpet and underlay, what's left are millions of concentrated urine crystals that become even more pungent. Other products mask this odour however, Chem-Dry uses a patented system, P.U.R.T (Pet Urine Removal Treatment) to burst the urine crystals and break down the enzymes which gets rid of the pet urine odour forever.

  • Carpet cleaning, flood & water restoration, upholstery cleaning, sanitise deodorise & protect, pet urine & odour removal, specialty rug cleaning, tile & grout cleaning, leather cleaning, fire & smoke restoration and commercial carpet cleaning.

    Most of these services are available through all of our locations however some are a little more specialist and only available through select locations. Contact our 24/7 call centre to book your preferred service: 0800 CHEMDRY (0800 243 6379).

  • The amount of time needed for a Chem-Dry floor cleaning can depend on the number of rooms to clean, the size of each room, and the level of soiling in the carpets. Smaller jobs may take 1 to 2 hours. Larger jobs may take the better part of a morning or afternoon. To get a more accurate estimate, contact your nearest Chem-Dry location!

  • Unless otherwise asked, homeowners do not need to vacuum their carpets before a Chem-Dry clean. Before we start the Hot Carbonating Extraction process, we will vacuum the entire carpet with a commercial, HEPA-filter vacuum cleaner.