Carpet Cleaning Calculator

Use our budget builder to get a rough idea of the cost to professionally clean your carpets. You may be pleasantly surprised at how affordable this can be! Simply enter the square metres of the space and any other finishing treatments that you would like, then click the estimate button.

Please note: These ballpark costs are intended to help you budget and actual pricing will differ. More accurate pricing can be provided upon enquiry.

Tip: to work out the square metre of a room, times the width of the area by the length i.e 4m x 3m = 12m2
Is there pet hair in the home?

To finish off your home's deep clean

Add carpet sanitisation & deodoriser treatment?
Just as you clean your benchtop to keep a healthy home, do the same for your carpet, floors and upholstery with our sanitation service that eliminates unhealthy bacteria. Strong and less than fresh smells can be dealt to with our deodorisation treatment that doesn't just mask them but removes them for good.
Add carpet protector treatment?
Protect your carpet and upholstery from stains before they happen with our trio of stain blockers. Stain protectant repels most stains, allowing a window of opportunity for you to soak up the spill before it adheres to the fibre.

$0incl. GST

This estimate is only an indication of pricing based on the information you have given us. More accurate pricing for your specific requirements can be advised on enquiry.

Keep in mind that this estimate does not include the following additional costs to consider:

  • Specialty Stain Removal
  • Pet & People Accident Stain Removal
  • DIY Stain Removal Corrections
  • Travel
  • Moving furniture etc.