Commercial Office Cleaning Services by Chem-Dry NZ Cleaners

Many of us work in some sort of office setting or another, and as much as we all try to keep the office clean, everything still accumulates dirt over time. Almost every day of the week office carpets get bombarded with outside shoes, office chairs get used and stained, plus more.

That is why working with Chem-Dry’s commercial cleaning professionals is always a good idea to ensure your office is a clean and safe place for employees and clients – no matter what your office looks like.

Commercial Office Cleaning Services

Whether you work in an office or something completely different, we have you covered with our commercial cleaning services! Below are just some of the commercial cleaning services we provide.

Offices and Office Buildings

It doesn’t matter if you have one of those fancy “open office” floor-plans or a more traditional office, because either way you will want to keep it as clean as possible for your workers and clients.

conference room with tv and white-table


Worker Cubicles

Some offices are busier than others, and for those busy offices that have several employees working in their own cubicles, dirt and mess can accumulate much faster. We can help keep it clean!

classroom with many computers and desks


Convention Centers

Another form of cleaning that our commercial cleaning services cover are for big commercial convention centers too. Make sure your convention attendees enjoy their presentation by keeping the venue clean.


Schools and Classrooms

All classrooms should be clean, whether they are big classrooms or small. This is especially the case when considering how dirty and messy students can be.


Theaters and Cinemas

Popcorn, candy, drinks, gum, and more are just some of the items often found on the floors of theaters and cinemas. Ensure this fun space is clean and welcoming enough by giving it a good cleaning!



If someone is going to church, it’s fair to say that they expect the church to be as clean as possible. No matter what religion your church practices, keep your church clean!


Senior Living Facilities

Senior living facilities is one of the commercial spaces that can get dirtier than most. Ensure the safety of your senior residents and staff by ensuring your facility is clean.


Department & Retail Stores

It’s hard to sell anything when things are messy or dirty, and nice items in department or retail stores are no exception. Keep your sales strong by keeping your department or retail stores clean!


Doctor, Dentist, & Other Medical Offices

This is another commercial space that can accumulate dirt and germs, so it’s important to ensure any medical office is cleaned thoroughly often to keep it professional and safe for everyone.



Similar to department/retail stores, showrooms are built to support the sale of specific items, but these items will have a hard time selling if the space surrounding it is not clean enough.


Hotels and Motels

Everyone knows how dirty hotels and motels can get, and we’ve all heard of the horror stories about the (lack of) cleanliness of some establishments. Don’t be one of “those hotels/motels” by working with cleaning professionals like Chem-Dry!



No-one wants to eat somewhere that is messy and dirty, so restaurants need to be as clean as can be to ensure customer satisfaction and retention.


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