Severe Weather Warnings in Auckland

The storm and rain are coming

The rains are coming. Or, are they?

On the weekend starting on Saturday, April 11, the west coast of the north island got pummeled by some very substantial wind and rain. In this weather radar image from MetService below, a very threatening front prepares to slam into the north island.

And here’s an image from around the same time that shows dense, heavy rain was building up, ready to unload on Auckland and the surrounding area.

Thankfully when the storm reached the city, the rain had let out over the ocean and we were left with a bit of rain and strong winds. It’s storms like this that make us nervous. We’re also on standby to help anyone clean, dry, restore or recover their valuable carpets and rugs.

Here’s a wonderful shot of the city, basked in fog, just prior to the storm hitting on Saturday morning.

Climate change will bring more storms

With changes in climate, we are likely to see an increase in tropical storms and cyclones around our city. Keep your home save and dry. Keep us in mind if you need help recovering after a flood or storm. We never plan for it, but we can restore and dry your carpets faster than anyone else.

Here we can see that, even on Tuesday, the storm was still making things quite turbulent along the coast.

Be safe out there.