What is a Chem-Dry Commercial Cleaning Account?

Commercial cleaning accounts are a business’s best friend for convenience and consistency. Our personalized approach to developing the perfect collection of services ensure that each business specific cleaning needs are addressed. Chem-Dry isn’t just a cleaning vendor, we develop trusting business relationships with all of our commercial customers. We understand that trust is earned which is why we value long term partnerships with our clients.

A single office building could house millions of dollars in carpeting, upholstered furniture, tile floor or expensive leather furniture. Let’s take a look at a few areas that each office building, theatre or commercial building may need help with.

Tile Floors in Entranceways and Lobbys

A huge number of lobby and entrance areas have tile floors. It’s the first impression that many of your potential customers will have of your building and so you probably want this area looking pristine.
Our Clean, Protect and Seal strategy provides a long term lustre on your tile floors. A professional annual cleaning will bring the bright sparkle back to the tile and restore the brightness of the groutline.

Area Rugs

While usually reserved for the executive areas of the office, area rugs often adorn lobbys, halways and other ‘bare floor’ areas of a building. Due to the nature of these rugs, they collect dirt very easily. Their once colourful textures and patterns rapidly fade into a dull wash of colour.

Chem-Dry’s ability to gently clean valuable area rugs and restore their colours is what sets us apart. Not all offices have area rugs to contend with, but if you do, it’s an obvious addition to a commercial account and schedule.

Lobby Couches and Chairs

You want your customers, old and new to be as comfortable as possible. This is why you likely have some plush leather or upholstered couches and/or chairs in your waiting area. Letting your visitors relax comfortably with a newspaper or magazine helps them to feel calm and relaxed.

Add a leather care and upholstered furniture service to your commercial account and experience the bread and butter of what Chem-Dry can offer. Our upholstery cleaner is completely non-toxic and clean. And our leather service will restore the clean, healthy luster as well as protecting it against spills and dirt in the future.

Specialty Stain Removal

This falls under the ‘you just never know’ category which can happen at any time. Especially in an office environment where coffee seems to be on a constant drip throughout the offices. Coffee can be a very tough stain to get out but there are other culprits like beet or carrot juice, even wine and printer ink can get into carpet and become a stubborn eye-sore.

We stand by our slogan; If we can’t get out that stain, no one can!

Flood and Water Damage

Anything can happen, and when it does, you want us on your side. Did the fire suppression system spring a leak or the labyrinth of pipe in the building finally gave in sending gallons of water through the floors? Moisture in carpeting or upholstery can turn into a safety concern quickly so it’s imperative to move fast. If there’s hardwood beneath the carpet, that can escalate into a very expensive restoration.

Our team is highly trained to deal with flood and water damage. We’ll pull carpet and properly clean and dry it before re-laying it professionally. Area rugs can be cleaned and dried off-site.

These are a few solutions that can get bundled into a Commercial Chem-Dry account