Meth Decontamination - Making Your Property Liveable Again

Finding out that the property you are living in, are about to purchase or you own as an investment is contaminated with meth can be traumatic and have a huge impact on the people involved. After testing has been completed, you need a reliable, expert company to carry out meth decontamination to the highest standards. Our highly skilled team can carry out a thorough meth cleaning. The aim is to bring the property back below Ministry of Health safety guideline levels ensuring that the property is safe for you or others to live in, while maintaining as much of the property in its original state as possible. We offer knowledgeable advice – for example: we will recommend when removal of an item may be more cost effective than repeated cleaning that won’t work. We work with private homeowners, insurance companies, property managers and real estate agents. If meth contamination is an issue at a property you are dealing with, let us take some of the stress away – contact us for a confidential quote today.

Why Choose Us For Meth Decontamination?

  1. Our team is trained to international standards and have undergone rigorous training not only in the cleaning processes but also in health and safety processes.
  2. We utilise the correct equipment and best practice processes to carry out the decontamination and uses the highest quality products to ensure the best results.
  3. We offer a complete cleaning service from the first estimate to removal of all waste and affected material from your property at the end of the decontamination process.
  4. Our experience also enables us to give you expert advice on what can and can’t be cleaned and what may need to be replaced, saving you time and money on unnecessary cleaning.
  5. When you are dealing with something that could have a serious effect on your health and your finances, you want to know you are choosing the best.

The Process From Start (Meth Testing) To Completion (Post Meth Clean-Up)

We do not carry out meth testing. We recommend independent testing businesses which will give you reliable accurate results. Initial testing will give you a Yes/No answer as to whether there is meth in your house. If you have received a positive result, further testing will be carried out to determine the exact levels of contamination.

Our team uses these test results combined with a site inspection to develop a thorough remediation plan for your property and will advise on whether anything such as carpets or curtains need to be completely replaced. We can work with you direct or with your insurance company, real estate agent or property manager.

We operate from Chem-Dry sign painted vans. At all times our professional team endeavour to remain as discreet as possible, although contamination levels sometimes require us to erect warning signs at the property.

Our team will carry out extensive cleaning and also organise any bin hire required and the safe removal of contaminated items. When cleaning is completed, further testing is carried out to ensure meth levels have reduced to safe readings.

Call Chem-Dry Northland

We understand that dealing with a meth contaminated home or rental property can be a stressful and scary experience. That’s why it’s a good idea to make sure you deal with a meth clean-up business who knows what they’re doing. For practical advice and a confidential chat about a remediation plan, give us a call on 09 430 0056. We’ll work with you to ensure your home or rental property is safe to live in again. Sofas, armchairs, and lounge chairs all need to be cleaned regularly. This is especially true when you consider how frequently your family spends time on the furniture. Clean, soft furniture is just a call or click away!