Chem-Dry Nelson & the Aftermath of Cyclone Fehi

During the final days of January, 2018, New Zealand was hammered by cyclone Fehi. The resulting damage was savage and widespread, with metre high storm surges flooding homes across the West Coast, including areas around Tasman, Nelson and Monaco.

Just look at these images take ‘after’ the storm had passed.

There’s no denying the destructive nature of salt water once it enters a home. It only takes a little moisture to render a dwelling unsafe due to mould or damage to structural integrity.

A Trifecta of Weather Conditions for Maximum Destruction

If the fury of the tropical storm wasn’t enough, there were some seasonal events that allowed Fehi to cause maximum damage to the coastal areas. First, there was a very low pressure bank keeping the air cool and the wind erratic and turbulent. To add to the mele, the ocean was at one of the highest tides of the year in the area. The ‘king tide’ and high winds battered Nelson with heavy storm surges, which saw areas evacuated, roads closed and airports shut down.

This image from Mapua shows the sort of ‘state of emergency’ clean-up effort would be required to return this area to it’s previous state.

Cyclone Fehi Damage - Mapua

Photo Credit: Robert Kitchin @ Sydney Morning Herald

Once the water receded, unfortunate homeowners had a chance to survey the real damage that the flooding did to their homes. This article from the Tasman/Nelson area, mentions several residents said they wouldn’t be returning  to the affected areas where their homes were so heavily damaged.

Chem-Dry Nelson Visits the Storm Affected Regions

Our team is well experienced when it comes to post-storm cleanup and dealing with water and flood damage. We’ve spent countless hours helping residents of Nelson and the surrounding area recover after heavy weather events. So, when the effects of former-cyclone Fehi pummeled the Nelson and Monaco areas, we readied our team of carpet restoration experts and traveled to the hardest hit areas.

Like this article described, the damage was heavy and widespread, with hundreds of flooded homes and remediation projects ready to kick off. Low lying areas of Tasman, Nelson and Monaco were particularly hard hit. Our crews descended on the flooded regions and began the task of decontaminating and cleaning homes. This is just a short list of what can be expected to be accomplished during a flood cleanup.

  • Extraction of water and remedial drying of the interior enough to safely send in our team.
  • Pull up and removal of contaminated flooring for everything from carpets to vinyl and laminate wood flooring.
  • We take stock of the damage and build a ‘schedule of contents’ for insurance purposes prior to disposing.
  • Any undamaged furniture and belongings are carefully packaged up and moved to our dry storage facility to be returned once re-construction is complete.
  • Additional decontamination, if necessary, should the home need it on the structure or sub-flooring.
  • Home and structure drying.
  • Monitoring for mould throughout the home prior to allowing construction to commence.

Once the flooding had receded, the home dried and any other mould removal or construction had completed, we returned the undamaged property back to the homes. We ensure that each home we commission is perfectly safe and healthy, living up to our very high standards.

It really does give us a great feeling to be able to service these areas in times of need. So many of these rugs that we protect are vintage, inherited or very expensive so the owners are especially grateful when we return their rugs to them; often in better shape than before the flooding.

If you’d like to learn more about our flood and water damage restoration capabilities, please contact us at your leisure.


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