3 Reasons to Clean Carpets and Upholstery at the Same Time

Save Time: Clean Carpet and Upholstery Together

Cleaning upholstery isn’t something many people consider more than once a year – and often, carpet cleaning falls into the same category. We walk, sit, lie and live on these items all year long, yet we feel that a quick vacuum once or twice a week should do the trick. Unfortunately, our carpets often bear the brunt of our hectic lifestyles, gathering the dirt and detritus of hundreds of footsteps every single day. Our upholstery suffers a similar fate – and is vacuumed and cleaned far less often.

By having both your carpet and upholstery cleaned at the same time, not only will you be freshening your home with one simple service and giving your entire living space a cleaner, fresher feel, but you’ll be saving time by have one cleaning session only. Yes, cleaning carpets takes a little effort and a little forethought (although with Chem-Dry’s unique HCE cleaning process, the post-clean dry time is minimal); so why not make the most of your energy by having your couches, seat coverings, carpets and rugs cleaned at the same time?

Pets? No problem! Sanitise, Deodorise and Keep Your Home Fresh!

Anyone who has pets will know how much joy they bring to any family – but often that joy comes with a healthy dose of hair, dirt, and general pet mess! We’re often called in to remove pet stains from carpets, as well as the inevitable shed hair and pervasive pet odour. What many people don’t realise, is that while the effects of your pet on your carpets may be obvious, the effects on your household upholstery and other floor coverings is sometimes easy to overlook. Why spend time and money on removing all pet hair and mess from your carpets, only to use dirty, smelly, hairy couches and rugs? To completely rid your home of pervasive pet odours or invasive pet hair, be sure to clean all soft furnishings at the same time. Any good upholstery cleaning company will offer a sanitising and deodorising service which will rid your upholstery of unwanted allergens and bacteria, while ensuring your home smells and feels fantastic. Check whether your carpet cleaning company also offers an upholstery protectant package, as this is the perfect option to keep your furniture looking brand new and stain resistant for years to come. Learn more about Pet Urine Odor Removal.

Not only will you notice the difference in the look and feel of your living space, but you will also notice a fresher smell and a massively improved air quality after a thorough upholstery clean – don’t put dirty couches back on your clean carpet!

Seasonal Specials: Clean Couches and Carpets Together to Save Money

Obviously one of the biggest perks of having your couches cleaned alongside your upholstery is the possibility of combined service cost savings. It only makes sense that most carpet cleaning companies will offer special ‘household’ packages, and even seasonal spring cleaning specials. The advantages of committing to one, thorough soft furnishing cleaning session aren’t just related to time and energy, but to cost savings as well. Chem-Dry offer a range of special deals throughout the year to bring your whole-home carpet cleaning bill down, and to make our services as easy and affordable as possible.

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