AA Smartfuel Rewards Program: Save $$ On Fuel with Chem-Dry Palmerston North

Did you know that you can save on fuel if you do business with us? It’s true! Because of our partnership with AA Smartfuel, any client of ours who is a member can accumulate more savings on fuel by simply presenting a valid membership card! Read on to learn more about this program as well as the savings details.


Details Of Our AA Smartfuel Savings Program

Whenever you do business with us and present your AA Smartfuel membership card & number, you can accumulate savings for your next fuel purchase. Depending on how much you spend with us, you will get different levels of savings. See below for our two levels;

Up To $200 = $0.10 per Litre Off

Save 10 cents per litre in fuel when you spend up to $200 with us on any of our services.

Over $200 = $0.20 per Litre Off

Save 20 cents per litre in fuel when you spend over $200 with us on any of our services.


How To Redeem Your AA Smartfuel Rewards

If you have collected savings through our AA Smartfuel rewards program, it’s very easy to redeem! Simply use your card at a participating BP or Caltex service station when you fuel-up, and your accumulates savings will be knocked-off the pump price. It’s that easy!


The Cards You Can Use

You must be an AA Smartfuel card-holder in order to accumulate savings. There are two types of cards you can get;

AA Member Cards


This is the card you get if you are an AA Smartfuel member.


Non-AA Member Cards


One can also get a freestrong AA Smartfuel card, but cards must be officially registered with AA Smartfuel before fuel discounts can be redeemed (you can still load the card with discounts).


AA Smartfuel FAQs


How do you register an AA Smartfuel card?

There are 3 main ways to register your card:

Register Online: https://www.aa.co.nz/aasmartfuel/
AA Smartfuel App Phone: 0800 842 877


Why do I have to register my AA Smartfuel card?

You will not be able to redeem AA Smartfuel discounts until your membership card is registered. Note that AA Members do NOT have to register their card.


How do I redeem my AA Smartfuel discounts?

You can visit any participating Caltex or BP station to buy fuel, present your registered membership card, and then ask to redeem the discounts on fuel. AA Smartfuel discounts can only be reedeemed once, and are redeemable to a maximum of 50 litres of fuel purchases.


Do my AA Smartfuel discounts expire?

YES  dey do. All AA Smartfuel discounts may be redeemed up until the end of the calendar month after the month in which they were loaded into your AA Smartfuel membership card account.


Can I use my AA Smartfuel discounts on all types of fuel?

You may only use your AA Smartfuel discounts for diesel and petrol fuel purchases.


Can I use my AA Smartfuel card with another fuel card?

No you cannot. Your AA Smartfuel card may not be used together with any other fuel rewards card.


Is there a limit to the discounts consumers can accumulate?

No, but if you accumulate more fuel discounts than the pump price per litre, you will lose the over-accumulated amount. For example, if you accumulate $2/litre fuel discount but only pay $1.75/litre at the service station, the extra 25 cents per litre fuel discount will be cleared from your membership card.


Are all accumulated AA Smartfuel discounts cleared every time I redeem my fuel discounts?

Yes they are. Every time you redeem at the service station, your accumulated AA Smartfuel reward discounts will be cleared and then your card will have a balance of 0.



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