Did You Know We Provide Commercial Office Cleaning Services

Did you know that Super City Chem-Dry can develop a Commercial Office Cleaning account for your office building? We have the capacity to perform deep cleaning of your office on a consistent schedule to ensure the continued health of your staff. Office settings are a great collector dirt and grime. As an employee, we generally don’t see the lingering effects of the day to day use. Consider the volume of people that come and go every single day. There could be dozens of people wandering in and out of offices that need fairly significant cleaning on a weekly, or even daily basis. As a matter of fact, commercial office cleaning services is big business as can be seen in this market report. That is why working with Chem-Dry’s commercial cleaning professionals is always a good idea to ensure your office is a clean and safe place for employees and clients – no matter what your office looks like.

Professional Office Building Commercial Cleaning

Getting into an office cleaning account with ChemDry ensures that your building is cleaned top to bottom on a regular basis. Our capabilities might surprise you so here’s a short list of some common Commercial Cleaning service types.

Office Buildings And Offices

The type of office doesn’t matter here. We can help with multi-floor offices with open concept or traditional closed office settings. Keeping offices clean will also provide a professional appearance for your client meetings and board room staff meetings.

Desks And Work Stations

It’s especially important to keep a clean office when you have a shared desk situation. From the phone and seat to the floor under the desk, it all ads up. Establishing a consistent cleaning regimen will ensure your team steers clear of any germs and the office keeps up a clean appearance.

Conference Halls And Convention Centres

Our commercial cleaning team also loves to keep large meeting halls and convention centres clean. Imagine how many people are in and out of a popular lecture or performance. Disinfecting all surfaces and keeping floors clean and spotless is our specialty.

Classrooms And Lecture Halls

Students of all ages can bring with them, suspect cleanliness. Our commercial cleaning customers include schools and auditoriums that frequently need a full court press in the cleaning department!

Movie Theaters And Cinemas

This is a constant issue. Imagine all of the popcorn, sticky candy, drinks, gum (yuck), and more that get tossed on the floor or stuck to whatever in cinemas and movie theatres everywhere. We work extremely hard to make sure that when it’s time to deep clean a movie theatre, it’s done properly and thoroughly.

Churches And Places Of Warship

Places of warship like mosques, churches, and synagogues expect a level of cleanliness that is, shall we say, divine. We approach all of our commercial accounts with the same level of quality and efficiency no matter what type of gathering place it it.

Retail Stores, Malls, And Department Stores

First impressions are everything. Especially when people are even more frugal with their spending money. You want your department store or retail store to be absolutely spotless! The pride you show in the space will resonate with your customers.

Dentists, Doctor’s Offices, And Medical Clinics

As you can appreciate, medical buildings have an extremely high expectation for cleanliness. No problem, so do we! If you run an office or medical clinic contact us today for a quote on your commercial medical building.

Auto Shows And Convention Showrooms

Some conventions can host hundreds of people. Ensure that each day opens looking like the day before when all the exhibitors first arrived. There is a lot of foot traffic through these events tracked across every visible inch of the floor.

Hotels, Motels, And Inns

It doesn’t take much to leave a lasting impression in your hotel or inn. If it’s not clean, people will speak up in reviews, to managers, and word of mouth. Don’t take any chances and pride yourself in your spotless hospitality.

Restaurants And Pubs

Not only do restaurants and pubs have specific licensing requirements, they have that gift of hosting some fairly inebriated patrons at times and things have a tendency to get messy. Restaurants especially have a cleanliness requirement that it wouldn’t be able to recover from if it didn’t maintain their locations. a Chem-Dry commercial account would ensure that your eatery keeps it’s patrons and turns them into repeat customers. Call for your quote today!

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