Tips For Keeping Your Home Clean All Year Round

We’ve all been inside an immaculately clean and tidy home that puts our own to shame. Are these homeowners just constantly cleaning, or do they have cleaners in there on a weekly basis? How is their home so effortlessly clean – all the time? Using a professional carpet cleaner on an semi-annual basis in certainly an excellent idea for keeping your home clean and healthy. But having to call in the cleaners on a weekly basis is unpractical and definitely too costly for most. In order to maintain a healthy-looking home year-round while dodging costly cleaning bills and avoiding wear and tear to your carpets, rugs, floors and furniture, there are a number of things you can do on a daily basis. Consistency is key. In this article, we’ll outline some of our favourite cleaning tips to keep your home looking effortlessly clean and tidy all year-round:

Establish A Cleaning Schedule

One of the easiest ways to snap your home into its cleanest shape is organizing a cleaning schedule. Regular cleaning can be difficult to stick to, but a schedule can make a big impact. Little reminders and accountability will go a long way. You’ll be amazed at how something simple like a cleaning schedule will lower your stress levels. Instead of procrastinating your house chores for weeks before finally giving in and spending all day cleaning the house, the calendar will help break it up. That way you can spend 20 minutes here and there, and won’t have to sacrifice your evenings or weekends. If you’re feeling extra creative, buy a big paper calendar from your local art supplies store, colour code it and assign tasks to various family members. That way everyone will know what should be done when.

Implement, And Enforce, A No-shoes Rule

This next tip may be a tricky one depending on the norms of your family, but implementing a no-shoes rule will be extremely effective for maintaining a clean home. Your shoes carry all sorts of dirt, bacteria and other undesirable material, and when you wear them inside, all that stuff is spread across your carpets, furniture and floors. To help combat the dirtiness caused by intruding footwear in your home, place a welcome mat outside your house and another large mat in the foyer of your home. That way if people continue to tread in your home, at least a portion of the dirt will get shaken off before hand. If your family is already great at taking their shoes off at home, you may want to gently remind your visitors. Instead of verbal warnings and nagging, try leaving a polite sign near the entrance or your home that gently nudges guests to remove their shoes. Once you’ve successfully implemented the no shoes rule, try to encourage your family to wear socks or slippers around the house. Bare feet are oily, which means they can attract dirt, dust and grime and spread it throughout the house. Socks or slippers are a great defence against bare feet – plus, they’re cosier!

Attack Those Stains Immediately

Spills happen in every home. If your home is full of children and pets, these spills probably occur more regularly, but they happen in every home nonetheless. Whether it’s morning coffee, condiments from lunch or an accident from the dog, carpet stains can do serious damage if left alone. They build up over time, and become much harder to clean. One of the surest ways to keep your home looking clean and healthy all year-round is to address stains immediately. Stains can be different depending on what they are and what surface they’re effecting. Not every stain should be wiped or blotted. For stain cleaning tips, check out our home remedies for stains on carpets and upholstery.

Use A Plastic Mat Below Your Chair

If you have a dedicated workspace at home complete with a desk and chair, you can save yourself a lot of cleaning time by buying one of those clear plastic floor mats. Because they’re clear, they’ll blend into your workspace without being an eyesore and allow you to move around on your chair more easily. And because it’s made of plastic, it’s super easy to just wipe up any spill, saving your carpet or floor.

Get The Family Involved

Keeping your home clean constantly is a lot of hard work, especially if you’re doing it alone. But if you have kids, you may be in luck. While children are certainly messy and demand even more effort to clean your carpets and furniture, they can also be helpful. Getting buy-in from your family is one of the easiest ways to maintain a clean home. Getting the help of your family may be easier said than done in your household. You may have to employ the use of incentives in exchange for chores. At the very least, try to encourage good habits like picking up after yourself and leaving the room how you found it.

Clean Your Floors And Carpets Often

The floors and carpets in your home should be the main focus of your cleaning efforts. After all, thanks to gravity, they attract the most dust, dirt, hair and belongings. You’d be amazed at how clean your home looks just by regularly vacuuming and cleaning your floors. Scheduling regular carpet cleaning once or twice per year will make a huge difference in keeping your home healthy and clean all year-round. Not only will the pros eliminate harmful allergens, they’ll also tackle all the stains you missed over the months. On top of the carpet cleaning, give your carpets and floors some love with the vacuum once a week if you can. Be sure to pick up everything off the floor and run the vacuum through your home – it shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes. If your home needs professional help, call Chem-Dry SuperCity. Our powerful equipment and proprietary cleaning solutions are Green Certified, and can tackle any stain. Head over to our website for a free cleaning estimate.