Historic Measles Outbreak Reminds Us To Be Vigilant

With all the news about a huge measles outbreak in our region, the need for a deep, green-certified clean really hits home. Certainly, there is a surge of misinformation on vaccinations that is fueling this historic outbreak.

This rather poignant article from a Canadian doctor responder is a desperate plea to everyone who hasn’t been vaccinated or are in some way dubious towards the clear and obvious science.


This is a clear indication of how serious this near epidemic measles outbreak is in the region which is particularly threatening to very young children and infants who aren’t old enough to receive the vaccine yet.

“Please trust science”

Children are the most vulnerable

Unfortunately, the innocent victims in a measles outbreak are usually children, whose parents for some reason chose not to protect them with the vaccine. As the EMT above stated, of the 616 cases (at time of writing) in the Auckland region, most of the infected were 0 – 4-year-old children and 15 – 29-year-old young adults. This shouldn’t be an issue.

2 young children

A National News Headline

News pundits from all over the country are talking about this unfortunate story with a dark undertone stating that there will likely be deaths as between 1-3 will die for every 1,000 cases of measles.

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For the first time, there has been a modification in the recommended age for infants receiving the vaccine. The Immunization Advisory Centre made an official statement allowing infants ages 6-11 months to be vaccinated after discussions with their doctor. Previously, 12 months was the earliest that children were recommended to receive the inoculation.

Baby playing drums on shag rug

Events are being cancelled all over the region as people attempt to limit their exposure to potential infections. Air conditioning and HVAC systems are being turned off in an effort to limit the spread of the highly-infectious airborne virus. In Manurewa, 300 students were sent home from the local high school as the outbreak started gaining momentum.

A stark reminder to maintain a clean and healthy home

Bacteria and allergens are wonderfully at home in your carpets. Virus’s, such as measles can survive in your carpets for up to 2 hours, but allergens and bacteria can infest and grow if left alone. The cleaner your house is, the better a chance it stands to fend off allergies and sickness related to bacteria which are part of everyday life. A consistent schedule of professional cleaning by a completely green-certified, fast-drying process will leave your mind at ease and maintain the pristine condition of your rugs and carpets.

Be safe and consider contacting your Chem-Dry representative today to discuss a plan that meets your budget and schedule.

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