Be Vigilant About Carpet Cleaning During Summer

It’s summer, and we are outside a lot! Even with limitations on large gatherings and new variants going wild throughout the country, we’re still going outside to soak up that warm vitamin D. The increased exposure to the great outdoors dramatically increases the various elements that we track back into our homes.

Did you take the dog to the park and maybe track around some old doggy doo? Walking through the forest can pick up other types of droppings. Not to mention just general dirt and mud from all that outdoor frolicking. After being cooped up inside for what seems like two straight years, we are a bit claustrophobic and eager to stretch our legs and throw rocks in the ocean; cleaning your house is the least of our concerns.

With all this activity, it’s no surprise that we need to keep a closer eye on our carpets and increase our cleaning regimen and general tidiness in between professional cleanings. Let’s go through a few ideas on how to keep your home healthy and clean.

cleaning and scrubbing upholstery

Use Your Mud Room – Kick Those Shoes Off

Sometimes we can be a bit relaxed when we come in after a day out. We might stroll right on inside with our shoes on, unaware of the grime and bacteria that we’re tracking all through the house. Create a comfortable space in your entranceway where you can have a seat and take your shoes off without adding to the clutter of the entranceway. You’ll keep a great deal of grunge out of your house and your carpets will thank you!

Cool green nike shoes jumping in puddle

Keep that Vacuum in Tip Top Shape

Your vacuum is your best friend when it comes to staying on top of the carpet cleaning between proper deep cleans. That being said, a vacuum also needs maintenance. Keep that bag clean or if it’s bagless, keep the cartridge clean. Watch that your main dust filter doesn’t get clogged, which doesn’t take much! Your vacuum might also have a secondary HEPA filter that you should change one per year. Set a time just as spring rolls around to do all your maintenance and replace the HEPA. Run that vacuum over your carpets and floors once a week and you’ll keep most of the baddies at bay.

Carpet cleaning gnarly mess with vacuum

Moisture is Your Enemy

If you notice any moisture in the house, deal with it immediately. Even some excessive condensation around windows is a bad scene and will create the p[perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mould. Once you see black mould it’s lights out and remediation steps in. That’s not cheap and it just needed a little more due diligence. No amount of carpet cleaning will help you when there’s mould around.

Regularly Check All the Sinks and Pipes

You can have slow drips go unnoticed quite easily. During your cleaning, take a peek under the sinks in the house. Feel the pipes to make sure there aren’t any slow leaks that could eventually lead to damage and mould. Check every bathroom, kitchen and around the washer and dryer for leaks from any of the hose connections. It doesn’t take long for mould to move in once there’s a moisture feast to be had.

Clean That Doggo!

Lastly, we all know how important this is. Keep hold of Rover as you enter the house as he or she will surely want to bolt to the water or food dish. Whoa, nelly! Make sure you give that pooch a thorough paw cleaning before they take off on their post-walk indoor zoomies. We all know the sort of nasty stuff that our doggies like to eat and roll in. It only takes one bolt through the door to create an hour of deep carpet cleaning while they sit on their bed licking themselves completely oblivious to your trauma.

Cute brown lab running through puddle

There are a tonne of precautions that you can take when trying to keep your home clean, but starting at the front door is the first step towards a clean and healthy home.


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