Chemdry Carpet Cleaning in Auckland During Lockdown

How have we been managing during the various lockdown levels? Are we still in business? Have we had to change how we do business? First, yes we are still in business! Our flood restoration and response team was designated an essential service, so that part of our business was cranking along. Our carpet cleaning wing did see a downturn but are slowly recovering when threat levels allow. We wanted to share a little background on what it’s been like at Chem-Dry HQ over the last few months.

In the Beginning

During the initial Level 4 lockdown, Supercity Chemdry was able to continue our work assisting insurance companies with jobs that affected their client’s health and safety as part of essential services required in the community.  That’s right, we were deemed an essential service and so we were all hands on deck. To ensure we were adhering to lockdown protocols and protecting both our staff and customers Suncorp instigated an Executive Committee to review all claims before they were sent to Chemdry’s flood response team so that only true emergencies were dealt with.

Chemdry staff are trained in the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) gear for use at jobs where there is a risk of coming into contact with biological material or where the environment would otherwise put them or others at risk, so we were well equipped to use these measures when performing emergency jobs during this time.

Keeping Track of Our Teams

During Level 4 lockdown, and even now at our current stage in New Zealand where there is a focus on contact tracing should an outbreak occur, Supercity Chemdry is able to track where all staff have been through the use of our job booking system and can even pinpoint the time at a customers property through the use of vehicle GPS tracking.

Chem Dry Auckland Fleet

Carpet Cleaning Services Were Not Essential

While our carpet and upholstery cleaning services were disrupted during Level 4 lockdown, our 24 hours, seven days a week flood restoration & response services continued to be available throughout.  Other than our technicians looking a little bit different by arriving wearing PPE gear and some rather loud conversations with customers from a distance, the service was no different with the same reporting to insurance companies including photo documentation, moisture readings and all normal Health and Safety protocols.

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