Flood Restoration During Covid Lockdown: The Kindness of Customers

Flood restoration can be tricky in the best of times. Flood restoration during Covid lockdown in the Supercity region, that’s a whole different beast.

And we’re pleased to say that, while the Auckland area was hit especially hard this month with the combination of surging Covid cases and severe flooding in western and northwestern Auckland on September 10, the Chem-Dry Supercity team was fortunate to have helped many residents in the city and outlying residential areas to assist with the cleanup.

More importantly, we discovered the kindness and spirit of the people who live here. And it’s safe to say they’re great people indeed.

Flooded Town

Flood Restoration During COVID Lockdown: A Tricky Spot

Residents of Auckland are familiar with the threat of a downpour. When it rains, it often pours – literally. Unfortunately, many residents are also familiar with flood damage as a result of this regular occurrence. This can lead to a variety of risks to your home that are more than just unsightly. Flood damage can increase the risk of mould and bacteria. It can lower your home’s air quality, lead to cracks in its foundation and eat at its structural supports – to say nothing of damaging your possessions.

In other words, when you have flood damage, it’s important to address it quickly.

However, this urgency was complicated by the pandemic. Hence, flood restoration in Covid lockdown, which limited travel throughout New Zealand. Unfortunately, this also meant Chem-Dry franchisees around the country could not assist to meet this urgent need for flood restoration services once the storm passed.

So, we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

Chem-Dry cleaning truck

How Chem-Dry Supercity Responded

Residents throughout the Auckland region needed flood restoration work after the storm moved on. As you can imagine, this work was impeded by the Covid pandemic and the related lockdown due to the resurgence of the Delta variant, which meant Chem-Dry Supercity was the only Chem-Dry in the country that could travel in the Auckland region to do this much-needed work.

It was time for Chem-Dry Supercity to step up. And we’re pleased to say, that’s exactly what the team did.

Admittedly, we didn’t get much sleep that week. We probably drank more coffee than our doctors would like, and more than one of us might have put back a Red Bull – or several.

But, we were able to reach our customers throughout the Auckland area and do flood restoration in the middle of the COVID lockdown.

Flood Restoration During COVID Lockdown: We Didn’t ‘Eggsactly’ Expect This!

It’s no secret the residents of Auckland are known for their kindness. Our technicians saw this firsthand. During the restoration work, some of our customers in the more remote parts of the region were so grateful to repair the flood damage that they gave us an unexpected gift.

They gave us free-range eggs from their own chickens. More than one customer did this. The trend caught on, and the Chem-Dry Supercity team was overcome with the kindness of the people of Auckland.

We’ll be eating scrambled eggs for a long time – and we will always remember the bond forged with our customers during the flood restoration work in the COVID lockdown of September 2021.

We love you Auckland.


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