Getting a Jump on Spring Carpet Cleaning in Auckland

Spring is springing and we’re starting to poke our heads outside again. Okay, we know it’s nice here year-round, but we’re venturing out more and more. That just leads to more and more dirt getting tracked inside on our carpets, runners and rugs. Oh, there’s also the issue with your furry friends. It all adds up and it’s time to get ahead of those carpet cleaning appointments. You can help keep things at a dull roar until your friendly neighbourhood Chem-Dry can come in for a thorough cleaning.

Here are a few things that you can do to help maintain your carpets and runners between deep cleans.

Keep the vacuum handy

This one is easy. A well-maintained vacuum with clean bags or canister can keep your carpets and rugs humming along between proper cleanings. Once a week you should be having a go at the common areas of the house. Even better if you have a robot cleaner, although the jury is still out on how effective they really are. Nothing will pull surface dirt like a good quality vacuum.

robot vacuum and kittens

But, even a vacuum can be detrimental if not taken care of. Be sure to stay ahead of your maintenance between vacuums.

  • Make sure the bag or canister is clean and empty.
  • Clean or replace all of the integrated filters. Some vacuums have washable dust filters which can keep costs down.
  • Replace any HEPA filters on a schedule. Sometimes it can be difficult to recall how many hours of vacuuming the HEPA filter has on it. When in doubt, it’s always safe to replace them since old filters will strain the motor and won’t filter fine particles as well.
  • Check for any leaks along the length of the hose.
  • Check the belt and brushes for any wear if they have them.

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Hit those wine and coffee stains right away

There’s never a time when it’s okay to leave a stain. A stain can ‘set in’ and become infinitely more difficult to remove later on. Ask me how I know, Hah! Thankfully we have one of the best stain removal products in the world. Be sure to keep a supply of the Chem-Dry Spot Stain Remover  and blast those stains right away. Be sure to read the instructions and don’t hesitate to call up our technicians for a little help.

Specialty stain removal services

Grease is even harder to get out when left to sit

There’s something about grease and fatty oil that leaves it in a completely different category of stain. It’s just dreadful. It’s so hard to get out that we developed a dedicated grease and oil stain remover. Grease can happen from a lot of things. It can come in on your shoes or fall off a plate. A piece of bread landing face down or a wayward piece of pizza; it happens. When you get caught with a grease or oil stain you also want to have our amazing grease and oil spot remover on hand!

Keep pizza off the carpet

Keep those puppy paws clean

Our doggy friends are pretty excited when we get back home and can often sprint out of our clutches in hopes of finding a surprise early dinner or treat. They track all over the forest and dog park picking up all manner of nasty in their paws and toes. The worst of them will roll in some particularly wretches gnarliness, but we usually get that off them before they even land back in the car. Keep that towel handy in the car or by the front door to dry and clean those grubby paws before they lay dozens of potentially messy tracks all through your lovely carpets.

How to get dog mud off your carpets

There are just a few ways to help keep us out of your hair between serious cleanings. Sometimes you just can’t predict what sort of accidents can happen in your house in the vicinity of your clean carpets. Always be prepared and take care of some maintenance and light cleaning as part of your weekly chores. Be kind, be safe!


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