How to get Marmite stains out of carpets with ChemDry Stain Remover

While nothing is as good at getting stains out of your carpet as having our skilled technicians working on them, Chem-Dry®‘s world-famous Spot Remover is the best way to remove most household stains yourself. Here we show the ubiquitous New Zealand Marmite stain, and how effectively just a single treatment with our Spot Remover removes the Marmite from a light-coloured carpet.

How to Apply Chem-Dry Spot Remover

First, one of the most important tips is NOT to rub or spread the stain. The removal process is accomplished with a dabbing method. You could damage the carpet and drive the stain deeper into the carpet if you attempt to rub the stain out. The removal of particularly stubborn stains could take 2 or 3 applications for desired results.

  1. Spray the Chem-Dry Spot Remover on the entire stain and let it soak in for roughly 30 seconds.
  2. Using a dabbing motion, gently dab at the stain until the product is no longer present.
  3. If needed you can immediately apply a second application of the product by repeating steps 1 and 2 until the stain is gone.
  4. Allow to completely dry.

Did you need some help with a really gnarly stain? Call our technicians, there’s no stain that we can’t pull from your carpet.

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