Meet Rover – Our Water Sniffing, Mega Carpet-Drying Robot Companion

You’ve asked about it. Who or what is the Rover? Let’s just say Rover is a beast. It’s our hyper carpet cleaning roaming robot.

All of the Supercity Chemdry flood technicians carry a rover in their van for water extraction. We’ve noticed some flood restoration companies rely on a menial carpet cleaning wand for water extraction which our testing has shown is not the most effective method for removing as much moisture from your carpets.

Enter The Rover

Meet the Rover

Supercity Chemdry technicians use a rover which uses the weight of the technician standing on the base while it is in ROVING to exert pressure to push the water out of the carpet.  The suction from our truck-mounted extraction unit is far greater than portable flood pumps used by some companies.

Extraction of as much water as possible at the initial visit is critical, both to prevent mould and odour, but also to minimize the time and cost of drying equipment such as fans and dehumidifiers required to meet our high standards. Thankfully, the ROVER doesn’t need all that extra equipment. The rover is extremely thirsty and feeds off of your damp floors and carpets!

See the ROVER in action

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