Once in Centuries Level Rain Hits New Zealand

2020 Gave Us a Couple of Ferocious NZ Storms

2020 was a tough year across New Zealand as a whole as we aggressively attempted to control the spread of COVID-19. However, it was particularly difficult for two communities that had the additional challenge of very significant, major flooding.

In mid-July, the Whangarei district received 220mm of rain in 10 hours which constituted a once in 500 years weather event!  This resulted in 340 flood claims coming into Chemdry NZ Head Office and teams from Supercity Chemdry, Tauranga, Thames, Hastings, Wellington and Christchurch travelling up to assist Chemdry Northland. Here’s a shot of the fleet that was able to assist many families during this flood event:

Chem Dry Auckland Fleet

Many teams ended up staying in Whangarei for a month to complete the drying work required so that builders and other tradespeople could attend as soon as possible to continue work on restoring these people’s homes.


Then in November Napier had the worst rain in 57 years which resulted in 242.4mm falling in a 24 hour period.  Once again Chemdry NZ Head Office stepped in to rally the teams to assist the local Hawkes Bay franchise with around 350 flood claims.  Chemdry teams from Northland, Supercity Chemdry Auckland, Thames, Rotorua, Taupo, Palmerston North and Christchurch.  Once again technicians remained in Hawkes Bay for up to a month assisting with these flood jobs until the site was ready for other trades to begin their restoration work.

Napier New Zealand Floods - via the Guardian

Both of these events show the strength of the Chemdry network and our ability to assist insurance companies and customers by rallying together whenever required.


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