What Happens During a Flood Restoration and Response

When Chem-Dry Auckland responds to a flood recovery situation, several steps in the process need to be followed carefully to ensure the quickest response and the least amount of damage to the customer’s home. The reasons for a flooded home can vary, but it’s usually related to our crazy tropical storms or the effects of a plumbing issue. Below are several steps that should be taken from the time a customer calls to the time that we reinstall the carpets after any repair work has been completed.

Was the source of the flood a tropical storm surge or rain-related?

Did you fall victim to one of our savage tropical storms? Did you get hit by an ocean surge or a river that spilled its banks after very heavy rainfall? It’s an incredibly stressful time, regardless of the scenario. Unfortunately, when the source of the flood is high-water, we need to wait until the waters recede so it’s safe for the recovery teams to enter the home after inspectors have cleared the house. If it was a heavy downpour of rain that has come and gone we should be good to enter the home once the rains have stopped and the flood threat has been lifted.

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Was the flood source a blown pipe or plumbing issue?

If your flooding source is related to a burst pipe or similar, your first phone call should be to your plumber. Make sure your house (and family) is safe, first! If you’ve been able to shut off your water supply, you will need to ensure that the home isn’t at risk of other flood threats. Once the plumber has inspected the piping and repaired the area of damage, we can get to work! We also work with reputable, licensed plumbers and can assess and clean along-side their work in most situations.

Call Chem-Dry right away!

Once you’ve spoken to your plumber and they are on the way, call us as soon as you can. We are available for emergency flood response 24/7 and time is your worst enemy when dealing with water on your carpets and floors. Getting the water out of the carpet and then pulling the carpets and rugs requires a fast and professional approach. Chem-Dry has over 30 years of experience; you’re in good hands.

You’re likely covered by insurance

Most flood recovery work is covered by your house insurance. It’s a big job and that’s why homes require house insurance for this very reason. We work with New Zealand’s biggest insurers to make sure that you are taken care of and the integrity of your house is maintained. Chem-Dry is fully licensed so you are in good hands when you need a fast and professional response.

Top to bottom flood restoration and recovery

Our recovery procedure is a complete plan. We’ll arrive as soon as possible and begin the process. Depending on the severity of the situation our recovery and restoration strategy will change accordingly.  The process may include some of the following procedures of which we are fully insured and licensed to provide.

  • Moving furniture so that our team can get to the affected floor and carpets as quickly as possible.
  • Extracting as much water from the carpets in place by using our amazing, water-sucking robot beast; The Rover.
  • Expertly remove the carpets and rugs from the home after pulling as much resting water as possible. The carpets and rugs are taken to our drying and storage warehouses where they undergo final drying and cleaning. They’re also restretched and restructured as necessary so they retain their original shape.
  • Once any of the repair work is completed in the home, our team will replace the carpets exactly as they were with professional carpet layers.
  • We’ll then run another analysis of the home and complete any additional cleaning of any necessary upholstered furniture.

Flood restoration and recovery is serious business. Entire homes can be lost if the water is left to soak into the floors for too long. That’s why it’s especially important to contact Chem-Dry Flood Restoration as soon as possible once the flood threat has passed. Our track record speaks for itself.


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